With our Suzuki Violin program, your child (as young as 3 years old) can successfully learn to play the violin beautifully using the Native Language approach.

Your child will be learning by listening, imitating, and repeating sounds, just as we learn to talk. The Suzuki method takes children through music learning from infancy to excellence in music performance.

Our music lessons teach children discipline, hard work skills, and a noble character.

The Suzuki Method creates a partnership between the teacher, parent, and child, inspiring a fine musical ear, self-confidence, and a life-long love of music.

The “Suzuki Parent” attends all individual and group violin lessons. Parents in the Suzuki Violin Program receive all the necessary tools to help your child with daily home practicing, as well as providing instructions for the Suzuki music listening assignments. No previous music or teaching experience is necessary.

Dallas Suzuki Violin Lessons

Suzuki Music Lessons: Music, Excellence, and Fun!